Most cruise lines have specific dress codes for cruise wear for men. On a recent MSC cruise, men were required to wear pants to dinner but full formal attire wasn’t necessary. Personally, I enjoyed seeing all of the families dressed nice for dinner without it being completely formal.

I put together this ensemble that your man could wear to dinner on the ship, without being too hot in a jacket and tie. I know everyone has a smartphone these days, but I think it should only come out to photograph your meal (the blogger in me can’t skip that!) and not again, so the watch is a must.


I prefer a clean shaven man, so I also included the shaving kit as an essential but if you like some facial hair on your guy, help him keep it neat with a trimmer and some beard creams. Finish the outfit off with some sharp looking shoes! He can wear the same dress pants for dinner more than once and just switch out the shirt for a couple of different looks.

So what happens if you don’t have pants with you on the ship? You get turned away from dinner. They usually cut everyone a little slack on the first night and kids tend to be the exception to the rule, but we did see men turned away from dinner when they showed up in shorts. Luckily, you can usually buy what you need on board or on an excursion and if you don’t want to adhere to dress codes, there is always the buffet!

You can see what each of these pieces is by visiting my Polyvore page and you can find similar pieces of cruise wear for men at various retailers.


26 Replies to “What to Pack: Cruise Wear for Men at Dinnertime”

  1. Great outfit. It’s nice to see some ideas of what the men can wear on a cruise. So often the focus is only on women’s attire.

  2. It’s handy to know that if you don’t feel like following the dress code one night that you can use the buffet instead.

  3. I love the outfit you picked out. The shoes are amazing and I love the white shirt. Cruising is such fun. I can’t wait to take another one soon.

  4. I love this collection! I can’t pick out which piece is my favorite. very stylish and handsome. Im gonna have to show my hubby this … give him some hints on how he should dress LOL

  5. It has been so long since I have seen my man in dress pants. Good to know if we ever go a cruise that he needs to up his game.

  6. I really appreciate that my hubby generally prefers a clean-cut, classic look when he is out in social situations. Me, on the other hand? Maybe in need of a little help sometimes :).

  7. Hubby had his suit but on our cruise, there was a selection of jackets on a rack for those who didn’t bring one.

  8. Nice outfit (my hubs would look great in it 😉
    Important to bring the right attire on a cruise, that’s for sure.

  9. I love this outfit. It would look very sharp on a man for sure. Someday I want to take a cruise and get all dollied up for supper.

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