Even as adults, most of us can remember the feeling of freedom that descended upon us on the first day of our summer vacations from school. It felt like the weeks were stretching out in front of us, just waiting to be coloured in with experiences and free time– a feeling that it’s nigh-on impossible to replace in adulthood. Most of us remember our summer vacations with a happy, contented smile.

As a parent however, we don’t quite see the summer vacations of our children in the same way. Many parents worry about how they will fill the time, how they will provide childcare cover, and how to ensure their child gets the most out of their time away from school. While we may be awhile off the summer of 2018, the truth is that planning for your child’s summer vacation really can’t start soon enough– especially if you want to give them the best experience possible.

The key to a good summer vacation is balance. Mixing and matching activities, allowing for a fully productive summer that still has more than its fair share of fun. Below is an overview of the different activities you might want to plan into your child’s summer vacation, ensuring that their time free from school is as perfectly balanced as possible.

Something Fun


“Fun” is a rather subjective thing; what your child considers fun might be another child’s idea of a worst nightmare, and vice versa!

To complete this section, you ideally want to be spending some of the holiday doing something just because your child loves it. Whether that’s a few days spent playing in eSports tournaments, heading out for walks among nature, or just being silly in the backyard– if it’s fun for your child, it fits in this section.

Something Physical

As adults, we know that vacations have a tendency to make us somewhat lazy and feel like we don’t really want to exercise– the same applies for your child. The idea of sending your child to the gym during their summer vacation isn’t going to sit well with most parents, so be reassured that there’s plenty of other options!

Fun activities like trampolining have a fitness component, so your child can get in a good dose of exercise without even seeing it as exercise. Alternatively, you could nurture your child’s love of soccer with a summer camp at FCBC Canada, which are provided by soccer giants Barcelona– a delight for all young soccer fans, and giving you the chance to try out life as a soccer Mom!

Something Educational


The final piece of the perfect balanced summer is something educational. Whether it’s a trip to a nearby museum, observing the night sky and learning about astronomy, or witnessing a battle reenactment, ideally you want to combine a nice day trip with an educational element.

By combining the three elements above, you can be sure that your child has the perfect summer vacation that meets their needs. Summer vacation 2018 will rush up on you before you know it, so if any of the above ideas inspire you, now is the perfect time to put your plans into place.

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