I have always wanted to take my children to Disney World. I wish that I had managed to get there while Eric was still little, but I’m grateful he has had some opportunities to travel through the school band and he will again soon with a choir he is a part of. I do hope that he will come with us if we do head to Disney World in the future.

My goal is to go to Disney next year with Social Media Moms, and I’m getting a head start by working out my trip details in advance and trying to make the trip as affordable as possible. First, I checked out the flights to Orlando. The cost to fly a family of six to Orlando from Ontario is higher than I can manage. An alternative is to drive into the States first, and fly from an American airport. That is more affordable, but still a lot for six people. Driving with three young children does not sound fun though, so I think I will keep looking for good deals.

I still have some research to do about what other expenses we will have if we get to go to Social Media Moms. I believe that the room is included in the registration price, and I’m hoping that the park tickets are also included, but I’m certain meals will be another expense we have. I have been searching and reading all of the “Disney on a Budget” sites I can find, but I’m open to suggestions from any of my readers too!

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  1. I’d love to do Disney with my girls, I hoping we can do it within the next 2-3 years, it’s just EXPENSIVE! Disney On A Budget would be a great idea, time to start lookng!!

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