The thing that I love most about travel is the time with family. It allows us to leave behind the household chores and daily interruptions and just spend some time together. That time together is even more precious when we are trying new things and really getting a chance to learn and experience things together. This weekend we had the chance to escape to Fern Resort in Orillia, Ontario where we had no shortage of fun activities to try together.

Griffin has been wanting to go fishing for quite some time. It’s a simple thing that we should have done with him sooner, but since we don’t have fishing licenses or a lot of fishing experience, we hadn’t taken him yet. He saw that Fern Resort had fishing and that was what he wanted to do when we got there. He not only got the chance to go fishing, he caught four fish! It was the absolute highlight of his weekend and we will be making an effort to get him out fishing again soon.

fern resort collage

The activity that Avery was most excited to try was tennis. I don’t know how to play tennis, other than to hit the ball back and forth, but we borrowed some racquets and balls from the front desk and gave it a try. She is hooked! I’m happy she found another outdoor activity that she loves and I’m determined to learn how to play properly.

These were just a couple of the activities available at Fern Resort, but there were many more. Everything is included in your resort stay, so you don’t need to worry about additional fees to use tennis racquets, golf clubs, fishing poles or peddle boats. Here is a list of activities available at the resort:

  • fishing
  • tennis
  • swimming
  • golf
  • basketball
  • shuffleboard
  • chess and checkers (giant outdoor versions)
  • bocce ball
  • bicycling
  • children’s and adult programming
  • water skiing
  • organized sports such as water volleyball, soccer and basketball
  • bocce ball
  • xbox machines and Apple computers available for use
  • evening entertainment
  • evening campfires
  • golf
  • climbing wall

The atmosphere at Fern Resort is comfortable and relaxing. Everywhere you look you will see families spending time together and really enjoying each other’s company. I also appreciated the extraordinary views all around the resort. It was breathtaking.

fern resort evening

Fern Resort is all inclusive so we didn’t have to worry about our meals during our stay. We had an assigned table in the dining room and the dining staff took excellent care of us. They offer a children’s buffet at every meal, and they allow the kids to use the buffet or order off of the menu (or both). The variety of choices made it easy to find something the kids would eat and our servers were happy to bring them something new if they weren’t happy.

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, Fern Resort is an excellent choice, despite some uncomfortable nights sleep in beds that were harder than we are accustomed to. We left there having had some fun times and learned some new skills, and there were even some tears from the kids which is always a good sign that they enjoyed themselves.

fern resort pier

You can learn more about our stay at Fern Resort by visiting Big Family Travels.

23 Replies to “Reconnect with the Kids at Fern Resort”

  1. What an amazing amount of activities they offer! It looks very beautiful there and a perfect place to reconnect with your kids!

  2. It looks and sounds amazing and a perfect family trip and not just for kids. Out of the long list of activities available the only one I would not want to do would be the “xbox machines and Apple computers available for use!” Otherwise, I think I would make it a point to do them all and there are a few, such as water skiing – which I have never done. Other activities, just aren’t available to the average person on a daily basis. This is my kind of trip!

    1. I like that they have computers available if you need one, and I suppose the xbox is good if it’s raining…but otherwise I agree. They were bottom of my list for things to do.

  3. Located in Orillia the Fern Resort has something for everyone. What a great way to enjoy a vacation with your children

  4. We need to go on a vacation so badly. That second last photo… I need to see that in real life. Sigh!~

  5. I have always wanted to try Fern Resort, thanks for the pictures, it looks like everyone had fun.

  6. Fern Lake seems like the ideal place for a Family vacation. They even have a rock-climbing wall which is just amazing. I am so happy your son caught four fish. I imagine he was very happy with this many fish. Sounds like you all had a happy and relaxing vacation.

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