Now that March has begun, children are eagerly anticipating the mid-winter break away from their schools.  Many families choose to take the whole week off for a family vacation, which often involves travelling to warmer climates or ski lodges for special getaways.

Airports eagerly anticipate this time of the year as thousands of families will fly to their vacation resort, yet not all families will acquire travel insurance before taking off.  Travel insurance provides many benefits and protection for traveling families, but most people see the acquisition process as an annoying inconvenience.  As a result, if you are planning a vacation with your family, you may choose to do without.

world piggy bankHowever, the internet revolution has made acquiring travel insurance a smoother process than ever before.  Online comparison sites allow travelers to compare the best travel insurance quotes from some of Canada’s top insurers.  This is a convenient service for any family because it provides a one-stop shop comparison that eliminates the necessity of meeting with travel insurance agents in person.

This way, you can spend more time planning the more entertaining aspects of their vacations.  At the same time, comparing rates online will likely allow you to acquire a more affordable insurance rate.  Insurance agents generally rely on customer ignorance in order to dictate what they feel is a fair and affordable insurance rate.  However, when you browse all the comparable rates online, you have the knowledge to choose a plan that fits your unique needs.  As a result, it gives you the power to make a decision instead of placing that control in the hands of an insurer.

Insurance is generally considered a back-up plan, a preparation for a worst case scenario.  Acquiring travel insurance ensures you receive compensation if your luggage is lost or damaged; even more importantly that you can receive medical treatment in a foreign jurisdiction if you suddenly become sick or injured.

Before taking that March break getaway, ensure your family is covered – then sit back and enjoy your trip.