In the past year I have had a chance to try some pretty amazing things and visit some beautiful places, but when I do it without my family I always wish that they were by my side. Did you know that there are adventure vacations specifically designed for families with children? I didn’t, but I do now! If you are a family that loves adventure and exploring new things, you will want to experience the Yucatan Explorer 8 Day Adventure! Adventure Life has put together this incredible journey for people of all ages to discover what the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has to offer… and they have included some pretty amazing activities for families to experience together.

Image provided by Adventure Life

On this tour, you will be offered a tremendous variety of Riviera Maya activities like world class golf courses and spa services, fishing, snorkeling or SCUBA diving part of a 600 mile long reef system, pools, bike rentals and horseback riding. For the explorer, there are privately guided tours of four World Heritage historical, cultural and ecological sites, children will hear fantastic yet true stories about sacred underground rivers, Caribbean pirates and ocean fortresses, a giant castle serpent, and the flamingo’s pink feathers…to name a few. My son would be over the moon to get a chance to discover some of these sites!

Image Provided by Adventure Life

The thing that I find most appealing about these Mexico tours, aside from the white beaches, discovering ancient ruins and incredible family adventures of course, is that you have a guide with you on your tours. I think this provides the peace of mind that families need when visiting new places. I love to travel and try new things, but I don’t enjoy getting lost or feeling like I’m not sure what to do next…and with these guided tours that is never a problem! The $1955 rate based on 4 travelers is surprisingly affordable too, making this the ideal family vacation for travelers who love a little adventure in their lives…and some sunshine too!

Which of the above activities do you think your family would enjoy?

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  1. Oh that sounds like a great time I so want to go! I’ve never been to Mexico and if I did go I would prefer something like this where it is planned out for you. With 4 kids (I mean 3 I guess my husband isn’t REALLY a kid) I would rather enjoy then plan.

    You seriously need to have a giveaway for this LOL!

  2. That water is absolutely beautiful! This looks like such a great vacation spot! If I had a dream vacation, I think it would be a cruise with my entire family. 🙂

  3. What a great time that would be, and to be able to share it with the entire family is a plus. I’d love to go on vacation with hubby to a place like that alone, but as a mom, you just know it will be years till that happens lol, so make it a family affair and it looks like the kid would have a BLAST!

  4. I adore the Yucatan peninsula and have been to Cancun, Riviera Maya, etc. many times. It’s just so beautiful there.

  5. I dream of going on a fun vacation like this. I most especially love the idea of exploring acient ruins and visiting the undergrown cave.

  6. I think the snorkeling would be something my family would like to do together. I really like the idea of the guide being along on everything too.

  7. Oh my gosh – what a beautiful place to visit! That is definitely my dream vacation 🙂

    By the way – I love your blog design!!

  8. Wow. I had absolutely no clue that anyone offered family orientated adventure packages like this. I would LOVE to take my kids on a trip like this! And two grand for my family of four is actually do-able, I could save up for that. Thanks for the cool info!

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