There are a lot of great places to visit in the world, but Disney World will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a magical place like no other, and that is not a coincidence. Disney goes above and beyond in their customer service, inclusion and remembering that everyone is special and we all deserve to be treated as such.


Here are the top ten reasons that I feel Disney is the perfect place to vacation:

  1. Accessibility: The Disney Parks and resorts are all accessible to those in wheelchairs or requiring scooters (or even strollers!). The transportations (buses, ferries, monorails) are also fully accessible and the cast who operate them are capable and efficient at ensuring wheelchairs and scooters are properly restrained.
  2. Diets and Food: Disney makes a special effort to accommodate any special dietary needs of their guests. They are also fully committed to promoting and providing healthy choices at their parks and through their entire brand. By 2015, their television shows, movies and theme parks will all meet Disney’s nutritional guidelines.
  3. They are inclusive: Disney employs people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. In fact, I see an unusually high number of seniors working at the parks. It’s a great way for snowbirds and retirees to earn a little extra money while enjoying the sun and fun.
  4. There is something for all ages: Disney World isn’t just for little kids. There are rides and shows suitable to all ages. There are rides for thrill seekers and also for those looking for something a little more tame. Guests of all ages enjoy meeting their beloved Disney characters, and when you are hot, hit one of the water parks or go for a swim at your resort pool!
  5. Cleanliness: The Disney parks are the absolute cleanest theme parks I have ever been to. Most cast members have a tool in their hands to gather garbage almost as soon as it hits the ground, and the sweepers are always present, but never underfoot. I love that!
  6. They provide opportunities: Disney employs people from around the world. Young people worldwide can apply for the Disney College program (conditions apply) and become one of the cast members at the parks.
  7. Disney is full of surprises: Rarely will you find a ride or a show at Disney that doesn’t surpass your expectations. What you think is a little roller coaster is actually an entertaining show inside a mountain. A line queue is an amazing place to play. A show is actually a 4-dimensional experience that will leave you laughing and jumping in your seat.
  8. The Cast Members make you feel special: Disney cast members will always remind you to have a magical day, and they greet little girls (and sometimes the big ones too!) with “Hello Princess”. You may see a cast member asking a little girl for her autograph, or sprinkling a head with pixie dust while they whisper a fairy wish. I once asked a cast member where would be a good place to sit for the upcoming electrical parade (there was not an empty spot in sight), and he didn’t just point us in a direction, he turned around and guided us to a great viewing area.
  9. Never ending fun: It doesn’t matter how often you return to Disney World, there is always something new or different to try. Some rides offer varying experiences each time you ride. Some shows are personalized and unique every time you see them. Disney is always growing and building something new and exciting for their guests.
  10. Leave reality behind: When we step foot onto Disney property we are transported to a magical place. The stressors and daily grind are quickly forgotten and for a few days you get to completely escape reality.


I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and I was provided with discounted tickets and accommodations. I was not required to share this post and my opinions are my own.