The Westin Los Angeles Airport

We started our stay in California at the beautiful Westin Los Angeles Airport. I was a little concerned about the proximity of the airport because I didn’t want to be kept awake by airplanes all night, and I was even more worried when we got into our room and saw that the planes were landing right next to us. I didn’t need to be worried though, because we could hardly hear them, and Kellen was thrilled to watch and announce every 2-3 minutes “There’s another plane!” until I suggested he just watch and enjoy them without telling me about every one, lol.

The hotel has an outdoor pool and spa on the third floor, as well as a workout center. The pool area is beautiful and Kellen was pleased to make a friend his own age as soon as he got into the pool. He said the water was really warm too. I love that there is a lift at the pool, so it is completely accessible. That’s not something you see at a lot of hotels, but it should be.

The hotel has an attached restaurant called The Daily Grill that has many healthy and affordable options to eat both in your room or in the restaurant. We chose to have a meal in the restaurant. I had Chicken Parmigiana and Kellen had fish and chips from the kids menu. We also took a piece of chocolate cake back to our room. I thought everything was delicious, but the portions were a little large. Kellen didn’t like that his fish was “real fish”. Apparently he prefers processed fish, lol. I tried his fish, and it was fantastic.

If you are looking for something to eat away from the hotel, Subway, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Denny’s are all within walking distance. There are also a couple of gas stations with variety stores to grab snacks from.

Staff are pleasant and helpful. I had some issues getting the internet to work, and they put me right through to a tech person who had my internet up and running within ten minutes. The bellhops helped me figure out some transportation issues I was having, and in general I found all of the staff to be very pleasant. The hotel is equipped to hold banquets and has nice wide hallways in the ballroom areas, as well as lounge areas and a business center.


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  1. Love that hotel! I know my boys would get a kick out of seeing the planes so often!! Glad you couldn’t really hear them though. 🙂 I actually love the sound of a plane taking off and landing haha.

  2. August 16-Well, Sam, The Weston Hotel sounds like a dream hotel-home away from home but with lots of services that Mom has to do at home. The photos of the food look delicious and the pool is beautiful and cool. This is a really good advertisement for this hotel and if anyone I know is going to this area, I will certainly tell them about the Westin.-el03ro

  3. This hotel looks really expensive but I want to stay here…I think their pools are looks goods specially the food delicious one..

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