When you think of Key West you are probably flooded with images of beaches and palm trees. You may salivate at the thought of fresh seafood prepared by talented local chefs; and of course, you imagine yourself enjoying the marine sports. In reality, this is all true! Here are some more fun facts about Key West that you may not have known about.


  1. While you likely think of Key Lime Pie when you visit the Keys, you may not be aware of the different ways it can be prepared. I ate it at nearly a dozen restaurants in the Keys and didn’t find two that were alike. Author Jerry Sloane came up with approximately 150,000 varieties of key lime pie in his Ultimate Key Lime Pie Cookbook.
  2. The stone crab season opens in October (October 15th this year) and you can enjoy some of the most delicious crab legs during this season. Check out The Stoned Crab at Ibis Bay Resort for locally caught seafood.
  3. The beaches in Key West are not naturally sandy. Sand is imported from the Bahamas.
  4. Duval Street in Key West is known for the night life. You don’t need to walk far to find a club or bar and they stay open until 3 or 4am.
  5. Key West is closer to Cuba than than to the nearest Walmart.
  6. You can charter a boat to go fishing and then you can take your catch to a local restaurant where they will clean and cook it for you.
  7. Key West is home to around 3000 wooden homes. While the homes are wooden and built to withstand the strong winds and storms that can visit the area, most of the roofs are made of tin. This is a byproduct of the Great Fire of 1886. The tin roofs should reduce the chances of fire jumping from home to home.
  8. The arts play a large role in Key West. Throughout the area you will find sculptures, galleries and interesting architecture. In January 2017 there will be a poetry series in Old Town where poets will write their poetry on the sidewalks for everyone to enjoy.
  9. The residents of Key West are resilient. Their homes and environment have been damaged and threatened by the great fire of 1886, numerous storms and the (primarily symbolic) one-minute war they declared against the USA. Each time they have rebuilt and rallied together to create a stronger community.
  10. Key West is home to the Southernmost point of the United States

If you are looking for great food and an exciting night life in a unique setting, Key West is the place for you.

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  1. Holy I had no idea that the sand was imported from the Bahamas! That is too cool. I have heard of Key West but have never been! Somewhere hubby and I should definitely go…especially when crab legs are in season 🙂

  2. Some really great interesting facts. I had no idea the sand was imported from Bahamas! I would love to visit during the when crab legs are in season and also enjoy some keylime pie.

  3. Some very interesting facts. I had no idea that the sand was imported from the Bahamas. I would love to Visit during the stone crab season and enjoy some crab legs and KeyLime pie.

  4. thanks for sharing all this info on Key West. Tried Key Lime Pie first time ever last winter in Florida. Might have to try a few different ones.

  5. In my new life’s adventure a trip is on the top of my list. Never really had a true vacation anywhere awesome.

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