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I visited New York City for the first time last week. I am a small town girl and I will always prefer the quiet life to the busy city, but it is fun to visit the big city once in awhile. Here are some things I learned about New York City:

  • The people are not rude, at least not that I noticed.
  • The traffic is CRAZY! I would never in a million years drive in New York City, and I would rather not ever be in a shuttle bus there again.
  • It is expensive to eat in their restaurants or shop in their stores.
  • You can buy food, and pretty much anything else you want from vendors on the street.
  • You will have people trying to sell you things everywhere you go.
  • The New York subway system was easy to follow and not scary at all, but it was incredibly busy.
  • The city is not very clean. There was garbage all over the streets in some areas and the smells weren’t wonderful either.
  • Times Square is incredible, and not just for the lights. There were all kinds of people on the street, including hardly dressed people, people in character costumes (and if you get your picture taken with them, they will want money), people selling stuff and lots and lots of tourists.
  • You can’t see the World Trade Center Memorial without purchasing a ticket to get in, and the line ups to do that are huge. You can see some smaller memorials in the area.
  • Central Park is beautiful and you feel like you’ve left the city when you walk into it.

Overall, I would like to visit New York City again so I can get in a little more sight seeing, but I don’t think I would want to visit with my children. There are just too many people and I would be afraid I would lose the kids!

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  1. I know that s has to be more massive in your head. I bet I have a years worth of posts I could line up for just the 5 days I was in NYC! It was truly amazing to meet you!

  2. I haven’t taken the time to stroll through Central Park the last few visits so I need to do that again!

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