My newest role in life is as a travel agent with Click the Mouse. I specialize in selling Disney and Universal and Beaches travel packages to people in Canada and the USA. This is the perfect fit for this family traveler who loves to visit the Mouse and Hogsmeade! I have enjoyed many trips to these locations and would be thrilled to help your family do the same.

Kids at Disney
Character Dining at Walt Disney World

What does this mean for Kidsumers and Family enRoute?

Kidsumers isn’t changing and it won’t become a site that simply sells travel. I will be focusing my other website;, for sharing travel deals, providing quotes to potential travelers and selling travel packages. Kidsumers will share the occasional deal and of course, continue to share reviews and travel stories. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any travel deals, sign up for the Family Enroute newsletter where I will send out travel deals each week.


I have completed a college travel agent course through a home-based college. I obtained by TICO certification, and gathered some experience in my previous home-based travel agent position. Sadly, covid made that opportunity obsolete. Thankfully, Click the Mouse and I found each other, and I am ready to guide you on your next Disney or Universal vacation!

I am licensed through TICO

Although I didn’t begin traveling until I reached my mid-thirties, I’ve made up for it. I shifted from believing I would never be able to explore the world, to becoming someone who grabs every opportunity. As a travel agent, I want to help other people make that shift and realize that travel is attainable. There are ways to make your travel dreams come true, and I want to help you do it.

Over the last decade I have visited many parts of Canada, the US and the Caribbean. I have a strong knowledge of Disney and as a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge, I can help you plan your perfect Disney vacation. I have personally experienced Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines and Disney Aulani. My travel experience goes beyond Disney and I can share my expertise with multiple airlines, cruise lines and resorts.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

There are so many online travel services that some may feel the travel agent is obsolete. However, covid-19 has taught us that this is not true. Many people spent 8 hours + trying to get refunded for 2020 trips when a travel agent could have done it. A good travel agent would have made the suggestion to cancel (which I did for my clients) when it looked like travel was in danger. When the time is right, your travel agent can rebook everything. When you book through a travel agent with Click the Mouse, there are no booking fees either! If you have the time and patience to sift through the offers out there, why use a travel agent? For consumer protection, savings and ease.

Consumer Protection

By booking with a TICO registered travel agency, you have consumer protection. All Ontario agencies are legally required to register with TICO and follow their guidelines for advertising and sales. By purchasing travel through a TICO registered agency, you can rest assured that your best interests are the main focus. The compensation fund is available for consumers who have complaints.


As I quickly discovered, there are savings available to travel agents that you can not find online. Just as the big box stores can sell products for a lower rate, the same can be true for travel agents.


What could be easier than telling someone what you want, and having them do the legwork? If luxury is what you want, make that clear. Should savings be a higher priority, let your agent know. When you have several dates available for travel, allow your travel agent to surf through all of the possibilities and present them to you. In cases where there is a change in availability, flights, etc., your travel agent will handle all the details for you.

How to Reach Me

I am available through Facebook Messenger at Kidsumers and Family Enroute or by emailing I will get back to you ASAP.

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