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Keeping the Kids Protected: Top Sun Care Options this Summer {Guest Post}

Wherever you are choosing to holiday this summer, one thing’s for sure; if you’re heading for a beach break such as one of the holidays to Dalaman, you’re going to need to look after your skin. As the summer months creep upon us, the temperatures in Turkey skyrocket, giving holidaymakers a perfect climate to unwind, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break. The problem for many Brits though, is we just aren’t used to the hotter climes! Sometimes, we’re lucky to get a break in the clouds, never mind a heat wave to rival that of Dalaman and beyond. The...

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Travel Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Forget your toothbrush. If there’s one thing you really shouldn’t leave home without when going on holiday, travel insurance is it. Regardless of the type of holiday you’re after, whether it’s a relaxing stay with friends or a week on the beach, it’s always worth having insurance cover to protect you against the unthinkable. Why do you need travel insurance? Mainly because it protects you against financial meltdown. Back home, if you have an accident and need an overnight stay in hospital, or if you fall ill and need medical assistance, it’s generally covered under the NHS. But when you’re abroad, there’s no such safety net and there’s no guarantee that your EHIC card will cover you for everything. Imagine if you go skiing or walking in the mountains, and you fall, break something and need to be air-lifted to a hospital. The cost of the helicopter, medical assistance, hospital space and supplies could mean a hefty bill that runs into tens of thousands. Some hospitals in specific locations might even refuse treatment if you don’t have valid travel insurance. Don’t take the gamble. Get full financial protection by taking out the right level of travel insurance for your trip. You could book single trip insurance if you’re only going away once this year. Or if you’re a frequent traveller, and even if there’s a slim chance that you...

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Skiing with the Family for the First Time {Guest Post}

You may have been lucky enough, in your youth, to give skiing a go and you may have enjoyed it so much that you pretty much mastered the moves. All of a sudden, you’re flung into the world of responsibility, with the prospect of a career and family life emerging. The chances of care-free skiing would have been put on hold for a while but as soon as your kids are old enough to don the skis themselves, there’s no reason why you can’t get back on the slopes. Sure, the concept of safety and the prevention of broken...

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Ten Reasons to Vacation at Disney World #DisneySMMoms

There are a lot of great places to visit in the world, but Disney World will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a magical place like no other, and that is not a coincidence. Disney goes above and beyond in their customer service, inclusion and remembering that everyone is special and we all deserve to be treated as such. Here are the top ten reasons that I feel Disney is the perfect place to vacation: Accessibility: The Disney Parks and resorts are all accessible to those in wheelchairs or requiring scooters (or even strollers!). The...

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Channel your Inner Zen for a Better Travel Experience

Whether you are on a family vacation, a business trip or a press trip, you are bound to run into some glitches along the way. I have experienced lost luggage, misplaced reservations, missing transportation and I have even been told to take a train to an event when no such train existed (and this was thousands of miles from home). The truth of the matter is, it’s normal! I am a Type A person. I like my lists. I make itineraries. I have expectations that things will go the way I plan. But I have learned that things rarely...

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Secure Travel Insurance Before Taking A March Break Holiday

Now that March has begun, children are eagerly anticipating the mid-winter break away from their schools.  Many families choose to take the whole week off for a family vacation, which often involves travelling to warmer climates or ski lodges for special getaways. Airports eagerly anticipate this time of the year as thousands of families will fly to their vacation resort, yet not all families will acquire travel insurance before taking off.  Travel insurance provides many benefits and protection for traveling families, but most people see the acquisition process as an annoying inconvenience.  As a result, if you are planning...

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Get the right luggage set for your travel needs

Introducing the Travel Select by Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 4-piece Luggage Set from… This luggage set is expandable by 25-percent and constructed of 2-tone polyester with PVC backing with a push-button handle system. Other features include multiple front pockets, top and side carry handles, elastic tie straps and shoe pockets. Expandable (25-percent more packing capacity) Dual top Elastic tie straps ID window on back panel Full imprinted lining Set includes: 29-inch upright, 25-inch upright, 21-inch upright, tote bag Color options: Red, dark grey, orange, navy Front panel constructed of 1200D 2-tone polyester with PVC backing Box constructed of 600D...

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