Turkey is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, and this is no more apparent than in Istanbul. What was once the capital of Turkey (it’s now Ankara), Istanbul is the perfect representation of Turkey; outgoing, scenic, and a full range of personalities. With popular companies like First Choice flying out there throughout the year, it is also the perfect place to take your kids on holiday. Here are but a few of the kid friendly attractions that Istanbul has to offer.

A miniature park

Istanbul was home to many empires, from the Ottomans to the Romans to the Greeks. As such, each empire left their mark in terms of the distinctive architecture around the city. While that may be easy for adults to understand, it can be a bit difficult for the little ones. That’s why Miniaturk is so great. It’s a miniature park on the banks of the Golden Horn, and it’s home to 105 scale models of original Istanbul and Ottoman structures. It’s a chance for children to see just how diverse the city is and how the history can influence how a large city is built. Plus, if they get tired of looking at the models, there’s a playground, labyrinth, and a life size chess board for some non-educational fun.

Images by Boris Dzhingarov and Stew Dean, used under the Creative Commons license.
Images by Boris Dzhingarov and Stew Dean, used under the Creative Commons license.

Shop at the Grand Bazaar

All kids love toys and trinkets, and there’s no better place in the world to find some really cool items than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It’s one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, boasting over 3,000 shops spanning 61 covered streets. From rugs to jewelry, it’s one of the most exciting shopping experiences anyone can have. Plus, it’s a great view into Turkish culture, making it a learning experience as well as a fun way to spend the day.

Be a king and queen for a day

Have your kids pretend like they’re in a real life Aladdin by taking them to the Topkapi Palace. This large, sweeping palace was the primary residence of Ottoman sultans, but has been transformed into a museum that’s host to many important relics. It’s even home to Muhammad’s famed cloak and sword!

As you can see, Istanbul has so many things to do and see, no matter if you’re a grown up or a kid. It’s a place that embraces diversity, and welcomes visitors with open arms. It’s a place that is meant to be experienced, all the better when it’s your whole family.

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  1. I would love to travel to Istanbul, for me it would be the history, the scenery. Our kids are not old enough I do not worry about traveling with them.

  2. My Inlaws were there as part of a shore excursion on a cruise. They loved it and could of spent a week or two exploring

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