Tunisia is a country steeped in ancient history and its vast Mediterranean coastline makes it a perfect place for a relaxing and inexpensive beach holiday with great cultural interest. The mixed style of resorts means that experiencing this traditional Arabic country can still be accessible for visiting families, as the local French speakers often converse in excellent English as well. The coastal resorts are filled with places to enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle. It is like visiting the European coasts on the other side of the sea, but at a fraction of the cost. Tunisia holidays don’t just offer value for money, as you can also experience the exciting Middle Eastern and Northern African delicacies and culture that you cannot find elsewhere. As Tunisia a small country it is possible to pack in a lot of experience into even short trips. Here are the top three areas to visit and the best reasons to see them.


Tunis streetscene
Photo credit: Svetlana Grechkina

The country’s capital was originally founded in the second millennium BCE but now has ambitions to become a thoroughly modern city. Despite the development, Tunis still retains all of its ancient charm, particularly in the old medina. Here you can visit the souks, a labyrinth of alley ways selling local merchandise. There is an endless supply of delicious couscous and delicately spiced tagines to try. Don’t miss the famous Mosque of Ezzitouna. Take the short tramway to Carthage to explore the ancient ruins of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy the magnificent views of the Gulf of Tunis.

Mahdia Beach

Mahdia beach
Photo credit: Pierino Beltrame

For beach-based Tunisia holidays with access to a huge range of amenities and stunning sandy beaches, Mahdia is an excellent base. The seafront offers all manner of water sports and is only half a mile walk from Mahdia town centre. With a selection of lovely hotels and restaurants of all types, you won’t struggle for choice. The seafood is particularly good and served fresh everywhere you eat. Helpfully, the main airport is only 27 miles away, so there are no long journeys after your flight.

Sahara Desert

No trip to North Africa would feel complete without venturing into the desert. Many companies organise short trips that take you to the dunes overnight and let you experience one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and the traditional Berber lifestyle. Once the kids have gone to bed, step out to view the wide starry expanse of the desert sky at night and find time to absorb the country’s singular North African romance.

Author Bio: Marina Leslie is a travel writer specialising in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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  1. That beach looks so beautiful and i would love to stroll around the markets with all of those bright colored wares!

  2. I appreciate your concise precis of your visit to Tunisia. I particularly liked your brief descriptions of Tunis, Mahdia Beach and the Sahara Desert and your recommendations on them. Thank you for these vlivid photos and descriptions of a country I knew little about.

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