My First Cruise

Recently I went on my my first cruise. I sailed to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. Since I hadn’t been on a cruise before, I wondered what kinds of things there would be for us to do on board. Thankfully, there is no short answer to this question. For adult travelers, you can visit the casino or any of the night clubs available on board. The fitness center will keep you in shape. The live shows and movies will give you some relaxing entertainment, or you can relax poolside. If you enjoy shopping, you will be kept very  busy on the Promenade deck, where you can also find fun activities like cupcake decorating or live entertainment.

Family Activities

It is rare that I travel without any children, so I was focused on the family activities available on board. My nine year old daughter was my travel companion, and it felt like the cruise was designed with her in mind.

avery on RC cruise

We stayed in an Ocean View stateroom with balcony. In our cabin we found a Barbie layette and invitation to a Barbie tea party. The gifts brought an instant smile to Avery’s face. The tea party was the most anticipated activity during our trip. That wasn’t the end of the Barbie fun for her. She attended a Barbie design class where she created a one of a kind dress for her new doll. She learned proper etiquette from some real live Barbies, and she dressed in her best dress to attend the tea party.

Staying Active Onboard

When Avery wasn’t in Barbie mode, she enjoyed swimming and playing in the H2O Zone water park. On the top deck we played mini golf. There was also basketball, rock climbing and even a surf simulator.

royal caribbean 3

Kids Clubs

The arcade was generally a busy spot for kids, and  the children’s programming was excellent. Avery was registered for the Kids’ Programs. She joined some children her age for some fun, crafts and a movie while I had some grown up time. I could choose if I wanted her to be able to sign herself out of the kids club or wait for me to get her. At only 9 years old, I was concerned for her safety so when it was time to pick her up I went and signed her out. The security of knowing she wouldn’t be wandering around the ship unattended is important to me.

Unique Experiences

One of the really cool features on this ship was the ice rink. You could sign out some skates and a helmet and skate on the full sized ice rink. If you didn’t want to skate, you could watch from the stands. There was even an ice show on board.

25 Replies to “What is there to do on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?”

  1. That is so neat that they really cater to kids like that. We have never been on a cruise and while I am sure I would love it I never knew if the kids would have fun.

  2. what fun! I want to go on a cruise so bad! Did you happen to notice if they had handicap accessibility in restroom and from deck to deck?

  3. that is something I really want to do, but I cant even sit on a swing without feeling sick. but wow to all the activities.

    1. The weather was bad and the water was rough because of that, so we definitely dealt with some sea sickness. We found that wearing the sea bands and taking anti-nausea medication helped a lot.

  4. Sounds like you and your daughter had a nice time! We have debated on a cruise but it doesn’t take much to make hubby seasick so we haven’t braved one yet.

  5. I have never been on a cruise before and I have always wondered about what kid-friendly activities a ship might have. After reading your post I’m jealous! Even as an adult I would have loved to create my own Barbie dress and have a tea party. 🙂

    I can’t believe there is an ice skating rink on board. WOW! I would have never had thought about on a cruise ship.

    It seems like they have EVERYTHING. It’s like a mini-floating city.

    Thanks for the great review. Maybe some day I’ll go on a cruise and be able to write my own review.

    1. It’s actually about twice the population of my town, and there’s more activities on the ship than in my town, lol.

  6. Looks like a very family friendly cruise ship! Did you find, as I recently found out on my first cruise, that there is so much to do that you just cant do it all ?!

  7. i really want to do a cruise maybe one of these years as long as I have lots of motion sickness meds

  8. I would love to go on a cruise ship, with all the stuff these giant ships have it’s so amazing and the ports they also stop at, sounds like the perfect vacation to me

  9. I’m sure my kids would LOVE a cruise. I started looking into taking one with my family. We have 3 more months before Quinn is old enough.

  10. I am glad that you got to have some adult time, you could dress up and put on your Sugar Spun Necklace and have a wander around the ship, we loved our cruise

  11. I am pleasantly surprised at all the entertainment and activities. It is great in that they get to do activities that they enjoy and the parents are free to follow their own activities some of the time. This was an enlightening post for me.

  12. A cruise seems to be only in my dreams. What an experience! And to be able to bring the kids, and have them catered to so amazingly, is a dream come true for them! What wonderful memories. Love the skating rink & all the other cool attractions.

  13. I’ve never been on a cruise. It is something I would love to do. It seems so comfortable and stress-free.

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