This stunning country of rainforest and natural splendor is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It’s normally thought of as a backpacker’s paradise, somewhere that people frolic when they are young and unattached. But maybe it’s time to consider Costa Rica as a good place to take a young family. There’s plenty the country has to offer for parents traveling with their young children. As an unusual holiday destination, traveling around Costa Rica is an experience that a child will never forget. Let’s explore some of the most family friendly Costa Rica experiences:

Tamarindo beach

Tamarindo beach

One of the most popular beaches in the country (which could be described as a country of stunning beaches), Tamarindo offers much more than just surf for dedicated water sport fanatics. You can find everything in this beach resort town from horseback riding experiences, to treehouses and even take a trip to a local volcano to brush up on your geography knowledge. In the evening visit one of the local restaurants and treat your kids to some kid friendly food–local menus are very accommodating to even the fussiest palette. Find everything from pizzas to juice bars. When it’s time to settle down for the night you will find that the hotels surrounding the beach do a great job.

Cahuita forest


For so long the eastern part of Costa Rica has been overlooked. The eastern side of the country was of little interest to the Spanish invaders and hence it is less populated and some of it remains unexplored even today. If you want to see some of the Earth’s most unspoiled natural habitat then you simply have to visit this forest. You won’t be alone however, the indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years now offer incredible guided experiences to tourists such as week-long jungle treks and zip lining. Despite its wilderness there are a couple of very plush contemporary hotels in the region. Leave your expectations behind and prepared to be inspired! This unique experience is fast becoming an extremely popular part of Costa Rica vacations.

San Jose city

san jose

When visiting San Jose City, it would be a crime to leave without trying the famous regional dish known as gallo pinto. It is traditionally eaten for breakfast wrapped in a tortilla and served with drizzling of sour cream. It is definitely delicious and most kids love it. When it’s time to go sightseeing you have to visit the Children’s Discovery Museum. It is one of the cities’ most interesting landmarks and give your kids a chance to go nuts on processing new information. For yourself, it is recommended that you visit the Technology Museum or the Egyptian Museum.

We hope that the above ideas persuade you to give Costa Rica a chance when you’re thinking about where to take your young brood on holiday. Remember to research all hotels and amenities thoroughly, especially when you’re venturing into a wild region that could be considered remote. With the right preparation you will create a fantastic experience for your children that will already render them better traveled than the majority of adults. They will thank you later for it!