My son and I recently visited Legoland California. This was our first visit to Legoland, and since we enjoy playing and building with Lego we knew we would enjoy it. After visiting Legoland, we realize it is so much more than just building blocks. Legoland is a great place for learning!

At Legoland, you can:

  • learn about building, obviously
  • be able to visit many parts of the world in miniland, and learn about different geographical regions
  • discover musical talents while playing instruments made entirely out of lego
  • work on hand-eye coordination and cooperation while playing many of the xBox Lego games that are available
  • foster an interest in reading while visiting literary characters made out of Lego, including the characters from Harry Potter and from fairy tales like Gulliver’s Travels
  • look for clues and solve mysteries in the Mystery Hunter activity
  • practice road safety and driving skills at Driving School
  • take a lesson with Einstein to heighten your science skills
  • be entertained by visiting all of your favourite superheroes and pop culture icons like the Star Wars characters
  • enjoy fun rides and activities

And when you’re all done with learning, you can head over to the water park and cool off! It really is a full and fun day that is also complete with so many opportunities for learning. My son was the most excited about this part of our trip to California, and after the trip was over I asked him what his favourite part was, and he still said “Legoland”. Now his brother and sister are anxious to visit too!

You can plan a visit to Legoland too by contacting Visit California.

27 Replies to “Why you should take your kids to Legoland”

  1. We went there last month & had a blast! We only went for a day but next time we’ll have to go for longer as there was so much we didn’t get to do!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I’ve heard there’s a Legoland in Dallas, so we might have to make a visit up there soon!

  3. We took my son to Legoland for his birthday last year. We were living in Phoenix, AZ so it was only a 5 hour drive. We stayed at the WorldMark closeby and had a wonderful week. My son still talks about LEGOland and it was exactly one year ago today that we were there!

  4. My kids are OBSESSED with Legos. They would lose it if they even knew this place existed let alone ever got to visit!

  5. my daughter still isn’t totally into legos. She has her moments, but she’s still far more into the Disney thing than other theme parks. I don’t doubt we’ll go there someday, though.

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